Biscotti Recipes

In cafes around the world, especially those of European influence, biscotti is a traditional accompaniment served alongside coffee and espresso drinks. Crispy, nutty, and only slightly sweet, it's suitable as a light breakfast or snack. The bite-sized biscuit, literally "twice baked" in Italian, is a sensible yet tasty treat to nosh on when a slight hunger strikes.

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About Biscotti:

Biscotti are made with a basic quick dough mixture of flour, seasonings, and oftentimes, nuts. Almonds, pistachios, and peanuts are commonly found in biscotti, whether in chopped form or ground to flour, as they add a nutty taste and crumbly texture to the biscuit. The dough is baked once as a long log, cooled and sliced into thin wedges, then baked again until dry and reaching crispy consistency. The result—a delightfully dry, crunchy biscuit snack that's low in fat and rich in flavor. Accented with dried fruits, chocolates, and various sweeteners, the biscotti can become a sophisticated dessert, suited best with a dessert wine and cappuccino.

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